Best Polytechnic in Delhi/NCR

Engineering Polytechnic in Delhi, the full time diploma courses ie. Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Architecture Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Production Engineering are on semester sandwich pattern and of 3 years period and incorporates 2 periods of 26 weeks every for implant training. There are 2 semesters annually. The courses are therefore spread over 6 semesters. The students receive College training for the first 4 semesters. Within the 5th sem they are sent to industry for implant or field training. When students come back to the Polytechnic in the 6th sem for college training. This scheme allow the students to learn, under actual work situation throughout their training and improves their prospects for employment. Final diploma is awarded once satisfactory completion of training and examination at the end of the diploma.

GGSP India is the Delhi No.1 Polytechnic provide students undergo inplant training of 1 year duration in 2 parts. Inplant training is assessed at the end of every training period. This has resulted in higher employment opportunities and better industry acceptance of courses. Appropriate modifications are introduced in the program and examination schemes to make course relevant to industry desires. These are reviewed periodically.


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