Admission in Polytechnic College in Delhi

Polytechnic Engineering is the driving force of present day economies, enabling practically every sector, from services including communication, designing, technology, IT, Mechanical to industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, transport and construction.


GGSP India engineers has the ability to change the fortune of a nation, and that is what GGSP India to do. We, with the sole point of training engineers with modern ability and research temperament, have opened Engineering College in Delhi-NCR, which have acted as an incubator for one of the tio and best engineering experts in the country.

Our relentless endeavors towards learning engineering education and dream to achieve fresher heights in the exploration of development and technology in India have put us among the top engineering polytechnic in Delhi.

Engineering Diploma in Delhi


Since 2008, GGSP India has been operating effectively with the motto to inspire the social status of students in the society. GGSP India today has an advantageous reputation based on the accomplishments of its staff and students, GGSP India has wandered into the realms of preparing aspirants in various professional courses. Engineering Diploma in Delhi, the polytechnic has unique identity, which implies that student benefits from the casual and friendly atmosphere of a good institute environment, while as yet having the capacity to take advantage of the vast facilities and assets of a great institution. Proficient introduction and sound teaching technology has made GGSP India an institute of pre- greatness. As a professional education organization, GGSP India is known to care for its students. This care has been suitably converted into dedicated professionalism, technical expertise, methodical approach, and modern infrastructure.

Top 10 Polytechnic in Delhi


GGSP India is one of the best Polytechnic College in Delhi-NCR among other Diploma Colleges in Delhi, India. Polytechnic recognition is the best choice for after 10th passed. GGSP India Polytechnic Colleges offers 3 years Diploma courses after 10th in Computer Engineering,, Automobile Engineering, Electronics & Communications, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Production Engineering. Polytechnic Admissions are open for 2017-19 groups. Do not miss the opportunity and secure your seat in Top 10 Polytechnic in Delhi.

Polytechnic in Delhi

GGSP India Polytechnic is not only academically significant, as well as excellent in offering opportunities for extracurricular activities. I appreciate the wide variety of opportunities, it’s constantly important to strike a balance between additional curricular activities and academics.


The concentrate of the college is on the overall improvement of its students. Consistently, we are required to experience personality development programmes, where the accentuation is on creating communication and aptitude abilities. The divisions also conduct various workshops and classes that improve our understanding of the industry.
GGSP India Polytechnic in Delhi, I still credit my success to the learning, skill and placement support I got from the college. The lecturers were energetic and really cared for our future.

Best All India Polytechnic

GGSP India is the best all India polytechnic has created and upgraded its laboratories, workshops and Lecture classes with Infrastructure & Equipment according to A.I.C.T.E guidelines to take into the student’s needs. The students have reliably accomplished Ranks, Distinctions and First classes in each the Courses since its initiation.


Salient Features of the GGSP India Polytechnic:

  1. Gives great choice of 9 Engineering Courses.
  2. Gives access to higher quality in Technical training.
  3. Arrangement of equivalent opportunity and admission to individuals from in Delhi-NCR.
  4. Improvement of student’s abilities and self improvement.
  5. Continuous evaluation through inner Assessments, Practical records etc.

Government Approved Polytechnic

GGSP India Polytechnic stands in the front line, established in the ideal of self-help, greatness and technological progress, combined with the most important estimations of our incredible Indian tradition. The test that we have set for ourselves is to energize, enable and inspire even these students to top standards of academic excellence in a short time.


GGSP India is Government Approved Polytechnic has planned to meet the requirements of Hi-Tech training. It caters to the need of present day in the field of following courses.


Courses Offered:

  1. Automobile Engineering
  2. Computer Science Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Production Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering

Civil Engineering Polytechnic in Delhi

GGSP India Polytechnic offers 3-year diploma courses in numerous branches of engineering and technology, Engineering may be a technical degree below the undergraduate rank that aims to supply students with some basic knowledge of engineering, scientific computing and mathematical techniques, a knowledge of English to communicate within the professional field and talent to apply the basic fundamental solving techniques. A diploma in civil engineering will provide good opportunities in industry as India is moving quickly forward for infrastructure development and at the same time leave a good space for higher studies like B.E./B.Tech. and M.E./M.Tech. in Civil Engineering.


The Department of Civil Engineering Polytechnic Colleges in Delhi. The GGSP India conducts courses at diploma, graduate and post graduate levels.

Best Polytechnic in Delhi/NCR

Engineering touches all aspects of civilization. Good works of humankind, from the development of the pyramids to the creation of the web, are marvels of engineering. Engineering is an evolving discipline that reinvents itself to explore and make solutions to new issues.


Through our strategic planning method, GGSP India polytechnic is a best/top engineering polytechnic in Delhi which will produce a better future for all duration of its leadership in analysis and excellence in engineering education.

GGSP India offer facilities for professional education within the geographical region with the mission of ‘Serving to Educate Educating to Serve’ by offering 3 year diploma Courses in Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Production Engineering.

List of Engineering Polytechnic

Delhi State continuously opted by the students for education because in Delhi/NCR zones are hub of best polytechnic in Delhi/NCR which Govt. and private polytechnic or diploma engineering colleges are exit too and they are offering world class education for diploma courses.


GGSP India offers a types of professional courses, each technical and vocational in nature. GGSP India Polytechnic in Delhi provides varied courses and permits an individual to start his own business or get a decent role at a reputed place. In fact, Polytechnics offers one the comfort of assorted career courses under one roof. The courses offered by polytechnics facilitate an individual kick-start his career. Polytechnic colleges is that course in higher education field unlimited opportunity, it’s wonderful opportunities in skilled career.

Government Engineering Polytechnic in Delhi

Select an institution is one of the foremost important choices you will have to build, and it is that will affect you for the rest of your life. Though all institution work on the same lines, they vary in age and traditions, in size, subjects offered, transport facility, general atmosphere, and timing of the best government engineering college, well equipped laboratories, qualified teachers, sports and other extra activities. You may get to though all these into consideration and that we try to assist you by giving a positive life in GGSP India Polytechnic campus. You will come to grasp what we will provide when you go through the pages of the prospectus.

Our Vision

  • Education for all
  • Offer top quality, career targeted education for national development

Our Mission

  • To offer superior quality trained man power having social commitment along with career advancement to satisfy challenges of the industry and also the society around
  • To impart applicable skill to prepare a higher work force

To develop individual personality combined with information and talent