Engineering Diploma in Delhi


Welcome to the GGSP India Polytechnic in Delhi-NCR, India. We have 3 year full time diploma engineering courses of automobile engineering, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical & telecommunication engineering, electronic engineering, architecture engineering, production engineering diploma in Delhi. We provide excellent quality particular base education and learning knowledge with opportunities for higher studies and situation through our experience human resource and state of art infrastructure.


Engineering Diploma in Delhi

A polytechnic in engineering teaches a student all the education concepts of engineering, every technical fields such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, automobile engineering, electronics engineering, civil engineering, computer science etc.


A engineering diploma in Delhi is a greatly professional course where students can select their tread and pursue their career interest. Once the students gain their diplomas, they can take up a work in the engineering field. Another preferred standpoint of a diploma in engineering is that students can a get opportunity to enter into the degree college in the 2nd year.

Top 10 Polytechnic in Delhi

GGSP india Polytechnic, Delhi-NCR is established in goal to give quality engineering education to youthful talent so that they can confront the difficulties of industry in a betterly.

The Diploma in Technical Studies is a specialized degree below the undergraduate which aims to give students with some essential knowledge of engineering, fashion, architecture, scientific, computing, mathematical technology, a good knowledge of English to impart in the employment field and ability to apply the basic issue solving techniques. After effective completion of Diploma in top 10 polytechnic in Delhi, students can either proceed additionally Engineering studies in undergraduate level or get job.


They provide technical study in various engineering courses such as Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Automobile Engineering and many other more.

The course is Approved by:-

  • All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE)
  • University Grants Commission (UGC)
  • State Board Of Technical Education, Haryana (HSBTE)
  • Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

Best Polytechnic in Delhi

GGSP India is focused on greatness and shall continuously strive to set new benchmarks in the fields of education and research. At GGSP India, They aim to provide important training to our students by innovation our pedagogy, which will additionally enable our students to develop into achievement oriented experts with comprehensive worries for ethics and Society.


“GGSP India Polytechnic in Delhi believes to be a unified college, contributing strongly to the practical development of students in every and all the departments. Our vision is to ensure confident people who contribute to the society, with a comprehensive approach.”

Be it any field, IT, administration, innovation, management, architecture, technology or advanced education our vision is to create perfect experts, with complete employment abilities, feeling of responsibilities and a blend for their right.

Admission in Polytechnic College in Delhi

Polytechnic Engineering is the driving force of present day economies, enabling practically every sector, from services including communication, designing, technology, IT, Mechanical to industrial sectors, such as manufacturing, transport and construction.


GGSP India engineers has the ability to change the fortune of a nation, and that is what GGSP India to do. We, with the sole point of training engineers with modern ability and research temperament, have opened Engineering College in Delhi-NCR, which have acted as an incubator for one of the tio and best engineering experts in the country.

Our relentless endeavors towards learning engineering education and dream to achieve fresher heights in the exploration of development and technology in India have put us among the top engineering polytechnic in Delhi.

Engineering Diploma in Delhi


Since 2008, GGSP India has been operating effectively with the motto to inspire the social status of students in the society. GGSP India today has an advantageous reputation based on the accomplishments of its staff and students, GGSP India has wandered into the realms of preparing aspirants in various professional courses. Engineering Diploma in Delhi, the polytechnic has unique identity, which implies that student benefits from the casual and friendly atmosphere of a good institute environment, while as yet having the capacity to take advantage of the vast facilities and assets of a great institution. Proficient introduction and sound teaching technology has made GGSP India an institute of pre- greatness. As a professional education organization, GGSP India is known to care for its students. This care has been suitably converted into dedicated professionalism, technical expertise, methodical approach, and modern infrastructure.

Top 10 Polytechnic in Delhi


GGSP India is one of the best Polytechnic College in Delhi-NCR among other Diploma Colleges in Delhi, India. Polytechnic recognition is the best choice for after 10th passed. GGSP India Polytechnic Colleges offers 3 years Diploma courses after 10th in Computer Engineering,, Automobile Engineering, Electronics & Communications, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Production Engineering. Polytechnic Admissions are open for 2017-19 groups. Do not miss the opportunity and secure your seat in Top 10 Polytechnic in Delhi.

Polytechnic in Delhi

GGSP India Polytechnic is not only academically significant, as well as excellent in offering opportunities for extracurricular activities. I appreciate the wide variety of opportunities, it’s constantly important to strike a balance between additional curricular activities and academics.


The concentrate of the college is on the overall improvement of its students. Consistently, we are required to experience personality development programmes, where the accentuation is on creating communication and aptitude abilities. The divisions also conduct various workshops and classes that improve our understanding of the industry.
GGSP India Polytechnic in Delhi, I still credit my success to the learning, skill and placement support I got from the college. The lecturers were energetic and really cared for our future.

Best All India Polytechnic

GGSP India is the best all India polytechnic has created and upgraded its laboratories, workshops and Lecture classes with Infrastructure & Equipment according to A.I.C.T.E guidelines to take into the student’s needs. The students have reliably accomplished Ranks, Distinctions and First classes in each the Courses since its initiation.


Salient Features of the GGSP India Polytechnic:

  1. Gives great choice of 9 Engineering Courses.
  2. Gives access to higher quality in Technical training.
  3. Arrangement of equivalent opportunity and admission to individuals from in Delhi-NCR.
  4. Improvement of student’s abilities and self improvement.
  5. Continuous evaluation through inner Assessments, Practical records etc.

Government Approved Polytechnic

GGSP India Polytechnic stands in the front line, established in the ideal of self-help, greatness and technological progress, combined with the most important estimations of our incredible Indian tradition. The test that we have set for ourselves is to energize, enable and inspire even these students to top standards of academic excellence in a short time.


GGSP India is Government Approved Polytechnic has planned to meet the requirements of Hi-Tech training. It caters to the need of present day in the field of following courses.


Courses Offered:

  1. Automobile Engineering
  2. Computer Science Engineering
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Electronics & Communication Engineering
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Production Engineering
  7. Mechanical Engineering